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Top 100 Baby Names
The top 100 baby names are right at your fingertips with the BabyBuilder Web page. Use this free eMedTV name creation tool to search through the top 100 baby names, research names by their meaning, and also view the origin and variations of each name.
Meaning of Names
There is a meaning in every name. This eMedTV article explores the meaning of names and explains how parents-to-be may choose a name based on its literal or sentimental meaning. This page also highlights some examples of names based on their meaning.
Baby Boys' Names
There are thousands of baby boys' names, each with its own meaning, origin, and variations. This eMedTV resource discusses ways to choose a name for your baby boy and provides a link to BabyBuilder -- a database of more than 75,000 baby names.
Baby Girl Names
With all the baby girl names available, choosing the perfect one will take some thought and effort. This eMedTV article offers tips for picking a great name for a baby girl and provides links to a name creation tool containing more than 75,000 names.
First Name Meanings
The first name you choose for your baby (and its meaning) is purely a matter of personal preference. This eMedTV page offers examples of literal first name meanings, as well as sentimental meanings (such as important ancestors, places, and events).
Top Ten Baby Names
Access the top ten baby names instantly with eMedTV's BabyBuilder Web page. This free resource provides lists of the ten most popular baby names for each year -- all the way back to 1880. Each name's origin, meaning, and variations are also included.
Top 100 Boys' Names
When searching for a name for your baby boy, a list of the top 100 boys' names is a great starting point. This eMedTV article explains how this list can give you some ideas on the most popular boys' names by year and by country.
Top Ten Girls' Names
Searching a list of the top ten girls' names is a good place to start for finding the perfect name. This eMedTV page explains how to use this list to decide whether you want to use a popular or unique name and offers tools to help narrow your search.
Top 100 Girls' Names
Searching for the perfect name for your baby girl? This eMedTV article offers some tips for how to find that perfect name and explains that searching the top 100 girls' names is a good starting place to get some ideas for names and their meanings.
Uncommon Baby Names
Many baby names that were popular many years ago are now relatively uncommon. This eMedTV article offer tips for finding uncommon baby names, like reviewing frequently-used names from earlier generations and using the BabyBuilder name creation tool.
Top Ten Boys' Names
If you are looking for the perfect name for your baby boy, eMedTV's list of top ten boys' names is a good place to start. This list offers ideas on names that are trendy and popular for any given year and provides meanings and variations of names.
Middle Name Meanings
As this eMedTV resource discusses, many middle name meanings can be chosen more for their sentimental meaning rather than their technical meaning. This page highlights the different ways to examine the meaning of middle names.
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